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beige carpet in living room with midcentury leather chair

Carpet in Pennslyvania

Creating an inner oasis of color and comfort, carpeting has an uncanny ability to instantly transform any space it graces. Modern innovation has given us more ways to enjoy carpeting than ever, and with carpeting options suitable for a full range of residential and commercial settings, now is the perfect time to opt for new carpet. At Martins Carpet One Floor & Home of Wyomissing and Denver, PA, we have a passion for perfection and an amazing selection of carpeting products for every budget, style, setting, and function. Are you contemplating carpet for your next flooring upgrade? Visit us today or shop our carpet collections online now!


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


Today there are so many carpeting options to consider that the choices can initially seem pretty overwhelming. You can narrow down your options by factoring in your lifestyle, family size, and functional requirements. Do you suffer from allergies? Are there pets in the home? Do you plan to start a family soon? All are valid considerations as you choose carpeting.


The fibers that hold your carpeting together, known collectively as pile, will by and large determine your rug’s capabilities. 



Stain-Resistant Carpet Options


For those of us sharing spaces with pets and little kids, carpeting once posed a significant problem. Splashes, splatters, spills, and stains can happen with frequency, and finding the right flooring can be a perplexing proposition. Don’t stress: choose stain-resistant carpeting for your upcoming installation! Soft, warm, and inviting, these carpets are easy to keep clean; they resist the most stubborn stains and won’t harbor annoying odors. Stain-resistant carpets achieve this fete with their individually coated fibers, which challenge even the most rigid types of stains. Stain-resistant carpets come in just about every color, texture, and pattern.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpeting isn’t a wise choice for kitchen and bathroom settings, but there are certainly hundreds of options for just about everywhere else under your roof. Are you seeking a carpet for your busy boardroom? You’d do well to choose resilient synthetic carpeting that can manage stains and heavy traffic. Are your children always underfoot? We recommend stain-resistant and moisture-proof carpeting that can handle whatever the day brings. And that’s only just the beginning.


Our Carpet Selection


As members of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest independent flooring store cooperative, Martins Carpet One proudly serves greater Reading and Lancaster County. Offering incredible purchasing power, value, and services, we carry all of the latest and greatest in carpeting products, including carpets made by LEES, Tigressa, and Innovia. To learn more about our carpeting products and how they might augment your home or office, call us today to chat with one of our amazing experts.



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patterned two tone greige carpet in bohemian bedroom

Carpet Maintenance

We always advise following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when caring

for and maintaining your new carpet. Follow the link below to check out a few tips on carpet cleaning.