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Hardwood floor with stains and brush

Hardwood Refinishing in Pennsylvania

Hardwood floors add beauty and refinement to your home or business, but we don’t have to tell you that time isn’t always your floor’s best friend. Over time, your hardwood floor can show its age, becoming cracked, warped, discolored, or broken. Don’t worry, you don’t need new floors just yet!


Sanding and refinishing your hardwood are like getting a facelift for your floors, and at Martins Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help you brighten the hardwood floors in your home or business.


Let’s learn more about the amazing hardwood improvement and maintenance options we offer.



Does My Hardwood Floor Need to Be Refinished?


Does your hardwood flooring need major help? Here’s how you can tell your floor is due for repair.


Solid hardwood flooring is thick and forgiving, letting you sand and refinish it repeatedly. We should note that not all engineered hardwood floors can be refinished, though some of them can, depending on the thickness of the floor’s top layer.


Here are some sure signs that it’s time to consider hardwood repairs: 





Why We Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring represents a major investment in your property, so keeping your hardwood in top form is always our goal.


When you sand and refinish your floors, the outcome is a hardwood floor that’s fresh, clean, and smooth. You can even change your floor’s color. For the perfect match to fit your vision, ask us for some stain samples!


Our local flooring stores proudly offer the following professional services:





Did You Know?  Our modernized dust collection system captures up to 95% of the dust created from sanding, keeping your space clean throughout the refinishing process.


We proudly use environmentally, low VOC, low odor finishes with the fastest drying tie to minimize any inconveniences.



Let’s Work Together

Curious about the hardwood refinishing process? Not to worry!


Our experienced technicians are here to talk you through every refinishing process, from start to finish. Before we take our tools out of the bag, we’ll sit down for a chat with you, so there won’t ever be any surprises.


Generally, you can expect us to:




How Can I Best Prepare for My Hardwood Refinishing?

The best things in life take time, and hardwood refinishing is no exception.


It’s important to remember that your room needs to be completely emptied before work can begin. This is necessary to ensure your stain and finish is even and uniform.


There are often instances when the entire refinishing process takes multiple days, with breaks in between to allow for stains and finishes to dry and cure properly. Multiple coats are usually needed for best results.


Please note for certain types of hardwood species, only finishing is recommended, and staining isn’t offered to ensure the most beautiful and lasting results. Got questions? Our flooring associates are always happy to help guide your way!




Find the Best Hardwood Floor Services Near You in Pennsylvania

Are you hating how your hardwood floor currently looks? Don't hate, let us help. 


Our local hardwood flooring experts at Martins Carpet One Floor & Home have the skills, smarts, and tools you need to make sure every hardwood restoration is picture perfect.


Hardwood flooring is one of our favorite in-home indulgences and we strongly believe that your floor should be enjoyed for a lifetime. Does your floor need a facelift soon? We’ve got you covered.


To find out more about more about our professional hardwood flooring services, or to discuss a project estimate for your hardwood sanding or finishing, please contact us today, or visit our showrooms soon, with locations in Denver, Wyomissing, and Oxford, PA. 

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Check Out Our Hardwood Flooring

Need a little more hardwood inspiration? You won't want to miss out on browsing our current hardwood selection to give fresh ideas on the latest hardwood trends.


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