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Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring

Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring


We spend more time than most of us want to admit in our bathroom or kitchen, which tend to be many home’s most active hubs. Finding flooring can be challenging in these areas, but thanks to the growing prevalence of waterproof or moisture-resistant flooring, it need not be a frustrating experience.



At Martin’s Carpet One Floor & Home we understand the nuances of these special spaces, and that’s why we carry an expansive inventory of kitchen and bathroom flooring options. Waterproof luxury vinyl or tile offer up the perfect blend of function and fashion. 


Types of Flooring for Kitchen & Bath


Luxury vinyl flooring can readily manage moisture and some selections are actually waterproof. Whether you prefer a plank or a tile, luxury vinyl is warm and soft to walk on, while forming an easy-clean barrier between your home’s happenings and your subfloor. Here you’ll find many of your favorite luxury vinyl flooring brands, including.



Tile flooring is a décor tradition well worth continuing, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It is moisture-friendly and scratch-resistant, with tile made from materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and glass. With many textures, colors, and styles available, you won’t ever have to compromise your style vision, either.



Waterproof Flooring


Modern innovation has given us more waterproof flooring options than ever before. Waterproof luxury vinyl and waterproof tile, for instance, make it easy to manage accidents: even the occasional plumbing fiasco. Waterproof flooring can be made to resemble all of your favorite visuals, including realistic hardwood.


Does your kitchen or bathroom need a serious flooring boost? We can help introduce you to waterproof flooring that’s compatible with your budget, needs, and space: one that won’t ever feel like a compromise. Visit us today in Wyomissing, Oxford, and Denver, PA and explore our onsite flooring displays. 

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