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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring


For many of us, it simply isn’t enough to install any new floor: our lifestyles or our geographical location make it necessary to insist on something that’s 100% waterproof – no exceptions. Households with small children or pets take note: the great news is that right now, there are more waterproof flooring options than ever before. You’ll find many of them right here at Martins Carpet One Floor & Home.



With a vast inventory of beautiful waterproof flooring options in both our Denver, Oxford, and Wyomissing, PA showrooms, there’s truly something for everyone. Waterproof luxury vinyl tile and plank, as well as traditional tile, present many amazing possibilities for all types and tastes.


Waterproof Flooring Benefits


Waterproof flooring is the only way to go for a good many of us, particularly when it’s time to replace a bathroom or kitchen floor. Your hard-surface, waterproof floor is designed to address the unexpected. It accomplished this by creating a watertight seal between your feet and your subfloor, thus preventing any spills or overflows from seeping into your studs. Waterproof flooring is easily wiped clean, with no watermarks left behind. There are many, many beautiful colors and styles to choose from, including many that look exactly like finely-milled hardwood flooring.



Visit one of our two retail centers today and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by all that waterproof flooring has to offer.


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Luxury Vinyl Flooring


A manufactured floor that’s a true marvel, luxury vinyl plank and tile looks and feels like actual hardwood or ceramic, but is a lot more affordable and resilient. Luxury vinyl flooring is rife with trendy and traditional options, with many of them offering 100% waterproofing abilities.




Tile Flooring


Tile is equally impressive for poolside and patio as it is for bedroom and living room. This timeless classic is more popular than ever before, with its ability to create one-of-a-kind designs in ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Keep moisture out and beauty in with trendy or traditional tile.




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